Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Coming into the final stretch

Well.. after 4 trips to the Glenbow archives in Calgary, II think I have gone thru every record they have on elevators in Alberta. Sadly... all they had was records from the Alberta Wheat Pool... but at least it filled in a majority of holes I had in my records.

However... here is a quick list of the towns I am still looking for informatiion on grain eleavtor closings.

• Codner (near Rocky Mountain House)
• Withrow (near Eckville)
• Chigwell (near Lacombe)
• Mirror
• Linden
• Erwick
• Lougheed
• Lindbrook (near Tofield)
• Tofield
• Poe
• Scotford (near Fort Saskatchewan)
• Hairy Hill (near Willingdon)
• Musidora (near Two Hills)
• Beauvallon
• Slawa
• Hazeldine
• Lloydminister
• Bretona
• Looma
• High River
• Connemera (Need Closure Date)
• Woodhouse
• Kipp
• Lethbridge
• Magrath
• Welling
• Peacock
• Whitney
• Pivot (Between Hilda and Schuler)
• Minaret (South of Olds)
• Nettok
• Penhold
• Hoadley
• Alhambra (near Rocky Mountain House)
• Coronado (Between Gibbons and Redwater)
• Woodgrove (need closure year)
• Ashmont (need closure year)
• Lindbergh
• Beaver River
• Carbondale (near St. Albert)
• Newbrook
• Venice
• Peavey
• Mearns
• Codessa (near Eaglesham... Peace River country)
• Dimsdale (near Grand Prairie)
• Wembley
• Hythe
• Lymburn (Need closure year)
• Judah
• Roma Junction
• Diamond City (Near Coaldale)

And I think that's it. If anyone has any info on these towns, please email me at


Monday, April 24, 2006

Pictures from Creston, BC

I just got these pictures from David Brandenburg, From Edmonton, Alberta.

These are from Creston, British Columbia, and were taken on April 15, 2006. I had no idea these three elevators were still standing.

This is the Alberta Wheat Pool elevator

Here is the UGG elevator

This was an Alberta Wheat Pool elevator which was being used as a seed cleaning palnt. David told me it was about a mile from the other two, and is off rail.

I'd like to thank David for his contribution to my project.