Friday, September 22, 2006

The Vanishing Sentinels Website Is Up and Running!

Just want to let everyone know that the new Vanishing Sentinels website is up... at least part of it is!


Monday, September 18, 2006

New updates from last trip down south

Here are the latest updates on some elevators I found down SE of Lethbridge

Annex SE of Nemiscam

This privately owned annex is 14 km E of Foremost on Highway 61, 1 km S on Rge Rd 10-2 (Hoping Rd). However, I haven't been able to find out where this annex is from, although some think it may have come from Legend. If anyone knows, please email me!

Annex From Milk River

This privately owned annex is located E of Highway 4 On Rge Rd. 3-2. The color says it may have been from a UGG elevator.

Ted and Norma Bratner Elevator

This privately built elevator was built in 1938, and is 6 km S of Wrentham on Rge Rd. 17-1, or 2 km E of Highway 36 on Twp Rd. 6-2.

Dick Myer's Elevator

This elevator was built by Dick Meyers in 1964 as an easier way to feed his cows, but abandoned it in 1975. The equipment used for grinding grain are still inside. The elevator had 7 internal bins, and had two additional steel bins outside which could transfer grain into the elevator pit via a chain conveyor.

Looking up past the leg to the top of the structure

This wheel allowed the operator to select which bin to put the grain into.

This is the grain grinder and gas motor which drove it.

The elevator is located 1 km S of Sec. 531 and Sec. 842 West of Lomond.