Saturday, October 27, 2007

More elevators

After 5 years of criss-crossing Alberta looking for elevators, you'd think I would have found all of them by now.

Guess what? I find two more!

This elevator is located NE of Millarville east of Highway 22. It was privately built.

This one was alerted to me by my friend Johnnie Bachusky, who found this one about 2 weeks ago. It was originally a UGG Fertilizer Annex, and was located in Innisfail, and was moved to its present location, 13 miles east of Innisfail on Sec Rd. 590, 2 km south on Range Rd 26-2.

I also discovered that the Agricore United elevators at Manning and Hawk Hills are still standing... except Manning's has been abandoned, and Hawk Hills is now privately owned.