Monday, August 28, 2006

Equity, Alberta (The actual hamlet)

Equity, Alberta is located between Three Hills and Trochu on the CN rail line which runs from Camrose to Calgary. This hamlet originally had 3 elevators:

Western Canadian Flour Mills
Alberta Pacific
The elevators were closed sometime in the 1970's, but as you can see from the photo, the siding is still there.

Agricore United has an steel elevator complex named after Equity, which is located about 4 miles south of the hamlet west of Highway 21.

Three Hills, Alberta UPDATE

For 4 years, I was uncertain of the status of the Three Hills Agricore elevator, so I was classifying it as unknown. Yesterday, I found out the elevator was open, so I dropped by to get some info on it. I found out that it was bought in 2002, and is still in use today.
I am glad to see at least one more elevator is still in operation in Alberta, even if it is privately owned! :)

Trochu New Pictures

Trochu UGG (Closed 2002, privately owned)

Trochu Agricore (Closed 2002, privately owned)

I was coming through Trochu, and decided to get some new pics of the UGG and Agricore elevators elevators there! Enjoy!

Netook, Alberta

Netook looking south

Netook looking north

Netook is a rail siding located about 6 miles north of Olds, Alberta on Highway 2A. I have been trying to find information on the elevators here, but so far no success. If anyone knows anything about the elevators in this area, please email me at! Thanks!

Minaret, Alberta

Minaret was a rail siding located north of Olds, Alberta, and had an Alberta Pacific grain elevator, which was closed in 1956. (Many thanks to Elmer Speerman, who arrived there from Chinook, Alberta, via CP Rail from the Coronation area in 1938.)
I tried to find it, but seem to keep missing it, although Elmer's son said it still may be there! If anyone can find it, please let me know at

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Update From NW and NE Trip August 14-17, 2006

Here are the final (I hope) updates on elevators in Alberta... this trip covered an area from Delia to Ft. St. John, B.C. to Two Hills and Lougheed in the NE of Alberta. This trip took about a total of 30 hours driving time, and about 2000 kilometers traveled!

Camrose, Alberta #3 Elevator Has Been Demolished

Here is the Camrose #3 Agricore-United elevator as it was in 2004.

Here is the site as of August 14, 2006. The elevator was demolished this spring (2006)

Bittern Lake, Alberta

This elevator was originally an an Alberta Wheat Pool, and was moved to it's present location between 1986 and 1991. It is now located about 3 miles west and 1 mile North of Bittern Lake.

Rasmuson Farm

]Originally privately built in the 1930's, and is located 10.3 kilometers north of Gwynne on Sec. 822 (1 km north of Twp 47-4 on RR 23-0.

Justamere Farms

This elevator is owned by Justamere Farms (Ballhorn Family), and is located west of Gwynne on Highway 13 and Range Road 23-4.

Kavanagh, Alberta

This UGG elevator was moved in 1978 from it's original location in Kavanagh, which is about 4 miles south of Leduc on Highway 2A. It is now located on Highway 39 West of Leduc, and slightly north on Range Road 25-4

NE of Nisku, Alberta

This elevator was privately built back in 1939, and is located 2 miles east of Nisku then 2 miles north (Township Road 51-0, Range Road 24-4)


This Agricore-United Facility was originally built in 1947, and had a second elevator added to it in 1957. This complex was taken over by UGG in 1967, and then by Agricore-United in 2001. It is located at 7410 - 120 Ave in Edmonton.

Duagh, Alberta

The Alberta Oats Facility was built in 1995-1996, and is located north of Highway 37 and on Range Road 23-5 (The access road is just west of the rail line)

East of Namao, Alberta

These two elevators were built between 1940 and 1952, and were both privately built. Both are located just east of Namao.

Nampa, Alberta

This elevator was used by Alberta Wheat Pool for fertilizer storage.

This steel facility is built by Great Northern Grain Terminals Ltd. This facility was opened about 25 years ago (1981)

Grimshaw, Alberta

Grimshaw originally had 7 elevators, and has only two now. The older Alberta Wheat Pool is now used for storing fertilizer.

This Agricore Elevator is now abandoned.

Hines Creek, Alberta

Hines Creek, located at the end of the steel NW of Fairview, has two elevators, which are both privately owned. One originally was an Alberta Wheat Pool, but was taken over by UGG, while the other is a UGG.

Berwyn, Alberta

This annex was originally located in Berwyn (about 5 miles SW of Rycroft), and is now located on Secondary Road 685, and is east of Range Road 25-1 (the road turns north for 2 miles). No information was available when it was moved.

Rycroft, Alberta

The Cargill (located 1 mile east of Rycorft on Highway 49) was built in 1998-1999. The three elevators in town were taken over by the Peace River Seed Co-op.

The Louis Dreyfus was originally built in 1998 by UGG, and taken over in 2002.

Agricore Built in 1998, taken over in 2001 by Agricore-United.

These three elevators are owned by the Peace River Seed Co-op (As of 2002).

Dawson Creek, B.C.

The concrete Pioneer Built in Early 1980's taken over by Louis Dreyfus May 1, 2006.

Louis Dreyfus Facility opened in November, 2001

This Agricore-United elevator is on the NW side of town, and is still in operation.

Ft. St. John, B.C.
Fort St. John originally had 5 elevators, but now has 2 Agricore United and 1 Cargill Concrete.

This elevator is owned by Agricore-United, and was built in 1957.

This one was built in 1967.

The Cargill Concrete was built between 1985-1986.

Warwick, Alberta

This elevator was closed in the late 1970's and is now located 1/2 east of Warwick.

Vegreville, Alberta

The Buffalo Bin which was built in 1981, was closed in 2001 but is still leased out by Agricore-United. Vegreville still has a Cargill concrete elevator, and and Agricore United elevator on the east side of Vegreville was converted to a pea plant in 2000.

Farion Farms

Poe Elevator (Located On Farion Farms) South of Twp Rd 52-2 on Range Rd. 16-1 (East Side of Road)), Moved In 1984

Vegreville AWP (Located On Farion Farms) South of Twp Rd 52-2 on Range Rd. 16-1 (West Side of Road), Moved In 1985

Inland AWP (Located On Farion Farms) Township Road 52-2, and Just South on Range Road 15-4, Moved In 1982

Bergseth Farm

This elevator was originally an Alberta Farmer's Co-operative, then a UGG. It was moved from Sedgewick between 1986-1991. It is located on Township Road 44-4 1/2 mile west of Secondary road 870 north of Lougheed.

Lougheed, Alberta

The Iron Creek Museum is a Pioneer elevator built in 1937, and closed in 2001. The elevator was repainted in Pioneer's original colors, which were white and yellow.

Killam, Alberta

Killiam's two UGG elevator were bought by Great Northern Grains in 2003.

Green Acres Farm Elevator

This elevator was torn down in Forestburg in 1973, and was rebuilt on it's present site. The elevator was originally built between 1914 and 1916 as an Alberta Pacific, which became a Federal (1967) and AWP (1972). This elevator also had a tilting platform in the weigh scale platform for unloading wagons. It is located SW of Forestburg on Secondary 855... about 3 miles south of Highway 53.

Gartly, Alberta

This annex is located south of Gartly on Range Road 19-2, South of Township Road 30-2. It is either from the Searle or Alberta Wheat Pool elevator, and was moved in the 1970's