Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michichi Card Stock Elevators

These three elevators used to be in a community called Michichi, which is about 8 miles SW of Delia on the CN main line from Alsask to Calgary. I don't remember our family ever delivering grain there, but I will always remember these three... they are missed. 

South View

North View

East View

West View

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hilda, Alberta Paterson Card Stock Elevator

East View

South View

North View

West View

This elevator was recently closed, but as far as I know is still standing. This one is the first of this style I have completed. 

Crossfield, Alberta Card Stock Elevator

View From East Side
North Side
South Side
West Side

Just another in my line of card stock elevators

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good news and weird news

Well got good news and weird news...

On January 8th, I was invited up to CTV Edmonton for an interview about the book with Daryl McIntyre. It went really well, and I had a great time talking to Daryl about the book. A friend later told me that he really looked like he was interested in the book, and was a hoot to talk to.

Other the other hand... I dropped off a copy of the book to CTV Calgary on Friday, and got an email from them today basically saying that while the effort I've gone thru to put the book together is valuable, and that it is important that the remaining elevators be preserved,  the topic of the book doesn't really fit with the guests they are trying to book for the CTV News at noon. 

Oh well... it's kind of a disappointment, since I was hoping to get some tv exposure in Calgary about the book. Maybe what I should do in a couple of months is send a copy to Daryl Janz... he used to be a farm kid... who knows.

I might also contact CITY TV in Calgary too... ya never know... or maybe contact some of the local radio stations too.

Gotta keep pressing on!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Interview with CTV Edmonton

Wow! January 8th was a good day! I had an interview with CFRN (CTV Edmonton) with Daryl McIntyre... and it went really well. I t was my first time in a TV studio as a guest, and from what I have heard from friends who saw it, they told me that it went very well. Daryl was really interested in the book, even showing the audience the drawing I did in the book of the internal layout of a typical grain elevator. He was a great fellow to be interviewed with, and I must say, although I was a bit nervous... the floor director and the crew were very cool, and I had quite a bit of fun!

Even better, I got at least 7 emails from viewers about the book, but if I do this again... I have to get them to put my phone number on it... and my email address.

Very cool!