Friday, July 28, 2006

Magrath Elevator Burned Down July 26, 2006

The old 1918 Parrish and Heimbecker elevator, which was to be torn down in July 2006.

This photo and article forwarded to me by Hawley Golobic from the Raymond Museum:

Ben Walter's crew had been dismantling one of his elevators (second from the west) intending to burn the debris. They had dug a pit south of the building and had placed some of the wreckage in it to be burned. What wind there was, was blowing from the east, so it was felt that there was no danger of anything else catching fire, and they went ahead with lighting the material in the pit. However, shortly after the fire was lit the wind switched from the East to the South, which resulted in super heated air being blown towards the elvator. It caught fire and was almost immediately out of control.

Luckily, they managed to get it back under control. Two elevators are to the left and right of the elevator, and managed to escape being destroyed.

Thanks very much to Hawley for forwarding this to me.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Security Elevator Co.

The Security Grain Co. Ltd. was set up in 1908 by the American-based Peavy Company. By 1920, the company had 70 elevators.

In 1921, Security took over the Atlas Elevator Co. Ltd.'s 58 elevators, and combined with the Northern Elevator Co. in 1929.

Northern merged with British America, National and Grand Trunk Pacific Elevator companies to form the National Grain Co. Ltd. in 1940.

Finally, National was taken over by Cargill in 1974.
(Thanks to Saskatchewan Grain Elevators - An Inventory-Based Research Project, by Maureen Pedersen, September 2000).

This is the only known Security elevator left in Alberta, and is presently located at Heritage Park, in Calgary, Alberta.

It was originally located at Shonts, Alberta (about 4 miles SE of Tofield on Highway 14). The elevator was moved to Calgary in 1966, and was opened in 1968.

This elevator also has a grain wagon loading - unloading platform which uses a see-saw mechanism to raise the front of the wagon up, so grain can be dumped into the receiving pit below.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Nicholas Bawlf Elevator Co.

The Bawlf or N. Bawlf elevator company was formed by Nicholas Bawlf and his son William in 1909. Mr. Bawlf was a Winnipeg Grain Merchant, and was a founding member of the Winnipeg Grain and Produce Exchange. By 1918, Bawlf had more than 100 grain elevators.
The company was taken over by Federal Grain in 1940-1941.
(Thanks to Saskatchewan Grain Elevators An Inventory-Based Research Project Prepared For: Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation By: Maureen Pedersen September 2000)

This elevator, the only one that I have found in Alberta, is located on the Vandervalk Farm, about 10 km. north of Fort Macleod on Secondary 811 (just north of Township Road 10-0) and was moved in 1973. It was originally located in Woodhouse, a hamlet about 8 kilometers north west of Granum. You can clearly see "Bawlf" on the second picture of the elevator, and "Federal" on the other.

These are the original concrete foundations of two of the elevators in Woodhouse, which is just north of Township Road 11-4 on Highway 2, north of Granum

Friday, July 07, 2006

And now... I'd Like To Thank....

I'd like to thank the following people who helped me on this south trip of the Vanishing Sentinels Project:

Holly from The Raymond Museum, who helped out immensly with research on the elevators in Raymond

Ben Walters From Magrath, who had tons of info on the elevators in Magrath and the old Sugar Plant / P&H elevator in Raymond

The staff of the Highwood Museum in High River, who helped me immensely on the history of the High River elevators.

The staff at Agricore United in Lethbridge.

The Taber & District Museum Society, espically for the info on the Fincastle and Taber elevators.

The Magrath Museum

The Eizikom Museum, who helped me get into contact with Clayton Pearson and Edwin Kvale.

The Barons Historical Society

Burdett Cargill

And all of the other people I talked to on the phone today! You're help is greatly appreciated

Blackie, Alberta

In 2004, Blackie had 3 elevators, an Ex-Agricore, Pioneer and Agricore United steel elevator. However, I found out that the wooden elevator had been torn down in 2005, so here is a picture of it before and after.

Azure, Alberta

Originally, I thought this elevator was an Pioneer, but thanks to the Blacksmith Shop in Nanton, I found out that this elevator was actually an Alberta Pacific. It was built in 1927, and closed in 1962, when Mr. Sam Brown bought it. It was repainted in 1981, and is located 5 miles south of High River on 88th Street.

Raymond, Alberta

On this trip, I finally found some information on the P&H concrete elevator which is located on the east side or Raymond. This elevator was originally built as a sugar factory, and was taken over by Parrish and Heimbecker in the 1960's. A local farmer in Magrath now owns and operates this facility.

Nanton, Alberta Update

Since I was last in Nanton, these two elevators have been repainted, and they look GREAT!

Magrath, Alberta

Magrath still has 6 elevators, but sadly, the 1918 Parrish and Heimbecker elevator is planned to be demolished sometime in July 2006.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Heritage Acres Park

Heritage Acres park is located NE of Pincher Creek on Secondary 785 (9 km from highway 3). This UGG elevator was originally located in Brocket, and was moved there in 1999.

Cardston, Alberta (2006)

I had heard that the Parrish and Heimbecker elevator in Cardston was torn down in 2005, so I went down there to check.

This was the elevator in 2004.

Here is what it looks like today.

McIntyre Ranch

This elevator was built in on site about 10 km south of Twp Rd. 5-0 on Highway 62, south of Magrath, Alberta. The elevator was built in 1947, and was re-sided in 1996. However... it has not been in use for several years.

Stirling, Alberta

The last time I saw this elevator in 2004, the two steel bins were being constructed. It is located on the CPR line which runs east of Stirling to Foremost.

Lethbridge, Alberta

I had always known about the Alberta Terminals Ltd. concrete terminal in Lethbridge, but was suprised to find out that it taken over by Cargill in 1991. The terminal was built in 1931 by the Canadian Grain Commission, and was taken over by Alberta Terminals Ltd. in 1979.

This Agricore-United elevator was originally built in 1974-1975, and is still in operation today.

McNab, Alberta

McNab is located on the CPR line which runs south of Lethbridge to Coutts on the US border. This elevator is located in a fairly deep valley west of Highway 4, and is difficult to see from the highway.

Feed Plant east of McNab, Alberta

I found this elevator by accident while I was heading to the elevator at McNab. It is located about 4 miles north east of Warner, and is located on the Dri-Land Feeders feed lot. It was built on site, and was not on any rail road.

Barnwell, Alberta

This elevator, located east of Taber on CPR line running from Lethbridge to Medicine Hat, was originally owned by Cargill, but is now owned by Rowland Seeds Inc.

Coaldale, Alberta

This Parrish and Heimbecker elevator has been modified since I first photgraphed it in 2004, and is now owned by 5 Sun Transloading

Picture Butte, Alberta

This ex-Alberta Wheat Pool is now privately owned, and is one I've wanted to get a photo of since I was last there in 2004.

Barons, Alberta

Barons, located south of Carmangay on the CP main line from Aldersyde to Lethbridge, presently has three elevators.

This elevator, presently owned by Feenstra Seeds, was built in 1960.

This ex-Alberta Wheat Pool is presently owned by Unifeed of Lethbridge.

This ex-Agricore elevator is also owned by Unifeed.

Farrow, Alberta

This UGG elevator is located SW of Mossleigh on the CP line which runs from Eltham Junction to Mossleigh. However, there were two UGG elevators at Farrow, so I am not sure which one it is. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Been on the road again

For the last 2 days... I've been running around southern Alberta looking for the final elusive grain elevators... and following this post will be pics and data on them!