Thursday, February 18, 2010

Edmonton Grain Elevator Complex

I decided to do up the Edmonton UGG/Agricore United/Viterra elevator complex, that sadly will be gone forever by the end of February, 2010. After 3 days of work (designing and putting it together), here it is.

The first 4 shots are of the Agricore United elevator (which was of course a United Grain Growers) that was composed of an elevator with some modifications with the original hip roof elevator.

The next four have the UGG (later Agricore United and Viterra) elevator which had modifications done it as well over the years, and also had a large annex added to the north side of the elevator. Photos of this facility can be found on my website at:

The final shot shows what the layout of the three buildings were before they were demolished.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a week so far

Geez what a week. Last week I found out that the Edmonton Viterra eleavtor complex (Originally a UGG) was being torn down, so myself and a friend ran up there to get some great shots of the one that was left standing, although it will be down sometime this week.

Then this morning... I got some terrible news. The Fleming, Saskatchewan old Lake of the Woods elevator (which is Canada's oldest standing elevator) burnt to the ground early on Tuesday (Feb 9) morning. I did get some photos from a fellow I met on line from there... and they are horrific. I will have them on the Sask site sometime tomorrow.

Ugh... at least I have a card stock model of the elevator, and am planning on working on the Edmonton complex as well.