Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rowley Federal and Brocket UGG

The elevator on the left is the old Federal that used to sit in Rowley, Alberta. This elevator has long disappeared.

On the right are two versions of the Brocket UGG elevator... a simplier version, and the actual version... which I am going to donate this one to the Heritage Acres museum, located near Pincher Creek, Alberta.

Whiskey Gap Elevators

After looking at pictures of the Whiskey gap elevators... I decided to do up all three elevators. There is an Alberta Wheat Pool and two Alberta Pacifics. Sadly... these elevators are long gone, as is the town. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Delia's New Card Stock Eleavtors

I promised the museum in Delia that I would re-do the elevators I did for them last year... those ones were looking in pretty sad shape, so in a major building frenzy last night... I did up all of these in about 8 hours... the only down part was I kind of overloaded my right lower leg... oh well... it's worth it!

These are all seven elevators that Delia had over the years.... the Pioneer at the right is the only one left.

L-R: National, Alberta Pacific, Alberta Wheat Pool (Later Agricore)
L-R: Pioneer #3, UGG (Later Agricore), Pioneer #2
L-R: Pioneer #2 and Pioneer #1