Monday, February 23, 2009

Shonts and Poe Elevator Closeup

This weekend, I was up in Edmonton, and decided to come back home thru the Ryley / Tofield region, and got some new closeup shots of the Shonts and Poe elevators.

This is the Shonts "Hannan and Carver" elevator, but it also has more company names on it as well.

The closeup here shows not only the "Hannan and Carver" name, but two other names (?)... one being Northern Grain Co. and another may have "Co-operative" underneath the "Dirt Shorts"... which makes me think "Alberta Wheat Pool"?

This is one the north side of the elevator, and you can clearly see "Northern Grain Co. Ltd." besides the "Hannan and Carver" name.

This is one of the last standing National elevators in Alberta at Poe. 

Once again, you can see "Northern Grain Co. Ltd." on the north side of the elevator.

I was wondering if anyone has any information on these two elevators. When I did the book, I didn't notice these extra names on the elevators, and didn't find anything in the history books... unless I overlooked something. If you can help, please send info to


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trochu Elevator Demoiliton

Trochu UGG grain elevator taken August 27, 2006.

The elevator's annex was taken on February 6, 2009... but I didn't know about it happening until I was notified by a friend in Red Deer about it!

Long shot of Trochu from the east... the Ex-Agricore is to the left, and the UGG is to the right, beyond the steel bins.
Looking at the elevator from the SE.... the bins on the south side are gone!
Looking south.... the annex is gone, and you can see the Ex-Agricore to the left.

Here is the elevator from the west... the whole side has been ripped off!
Panorama view from the west looking at the debris field to the north (left) where the steel bins used to be the south (right)

All the above shots were taken by myself on February 8th, 2009.

Trochu Elevator Demolition Part 2

Panorama view of where the elevator once stood. The elevator was aprox. dead center in the photo.

Long shot looking SE from the north rail crossing... the UGG is gone, but the ex-Agricore / Alberta Wheat Pool is still up.

Demolition of the elevator is complete, but you can notice the concrete supports to the right of the left backhoe

Trochu's ex-UGG elevator has been torn down. It started Feb. 6 with the demo of the annex... and today, on Feb. 14, 2009.... the cleanup continues. 

We are now down to 255 known elevators left in Alberta.