Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More Card Stock Elevators

This is the Clairmont National elevator, which was torn down in September of 2005.

Mayerthorpe's remaining Alberta Wheat Pool

Kinuso's remaining UGG Elevator

Finally, all three elevators, all done by Jim A Pearson © 2007 Jim A Pearson - Vanishing Sentinels

Friday, December 21, 2007

Elevators in Superman

Clark and Martha Kent at Jonathan Kent's funeral, screen captured from Warner Brothers movie "Superman" (1978)
(No copyright infringement is intended)
(Click on the photo for a closer look)

A lot of people have asked me where are those two elevators in the movie Superman (Warner Brothers, 1978) were located.

Well, here's the info. These shots seen above from the movie were shot at a little community called Beynon, which is on the CN rail line which runs east, then angles thru the valley back to the SW from Drumheller. Beynon had two elevators, the white was an UGG (United Grain Growers) while the teal colored one was an Alberta Wheat Pool. The UGG annex is now located to the north of the hamlet, and was moved in 1979, while the elevator itself was moved about a mile further north on the Labour Day weekend in 1980. (It took several four wheel drive tractors and a caterpillar two days to move it up the long hill to the top of the Valley.)

Every time I see this shot, I always have a twinge of sadness and a slight smile to see another part of Alberta history preserved in a great hollywood film about one of the greatest heros of all time... Superman.

We will always miss you Chris! You made us all believe that a man can really fly!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stettler Parrish and Heimbecker Elevator and Feed Mill

This elevator and feed mill is located in Stettler, Alberta, and is owned by the Parrish and Heimbecker society of Stettler.
This wasn't as hard to design as the Byers Flour Mill, but it did have some challenges.

East View

South View

West View

North View

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Makwa Saskatchewan

This is the elevator from Makwa, Saskatchewan, which was located SW of Meadow Lake. It was built in 1937, but the rail line was never completed from Meadow Lake to here.

This is my version of the elevator. It is one of the oddest I have ever seen in the Canadian Prairies.