Sunday, March 30, 2008

All of my elevators

Well... here is all of the elevators I have done, with the exception of the Byers Flour Mill, Kinuso, Stettler's Parrish and Heimbecker (with Feed Mill), Clairmont, Fairview and Bluesky. (Honestly... I didn't have room on my table!) The only one I am missing is a normal Paterson... which I am planning on doing next week.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Federal Matchbook

This is a real rare piece of history. My mom found this up at our local museum in Delia, and it is from our Federal Grain elevator, which originally a Alberta Pacific, which Federal took over in 1967. Alberta Wheat Pool took over Federal in 1972 (along with Saskatchewan Pool and Manitoba Pool).

Sadly though, the elevator was torn down in the 1990's, but this little matchbook is a reminder of the elevator company which existed from 1929 - 1972. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rosedale, Alberta

Since I started doing elevators in June of last year... I've always wanted to do this one at Rosedale. It's located on the CNR line that runs east of Drumheller, then swings to the south-west to Calgary. 

South View

This elevator was originally built by Alberta Wheat Pool, and was later Agricore and Agricore United. It is now privately owned. 

Track view (North Side)

East View

Yet Another Elevator Building Frenzy

I've been building more elevators which I am going to have up for sale at the upcoming Supertrain Railway Show in Calgary on April 19th and 20th. For more info, go to

I'll be in Booth B60. Hope to see you there!

These three are custom jobs: Left: Fairview Alberta Wheat Pool, Bluesky UGG, and Westmor Terminals (located west of Morinville, Alberta)

These are as follows (from Left to right): Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Manitoba Wheat Pool, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. (Manitoba), and a Saskatchewan Pool from Dog River.

Next: A Parrish & Heimbecker From Stettler, Alberta (Custom Job), an old Parrish & Heimbecker (Logo based on one seen from Indian Head, Saskactchewan), Sask Pool from Fleming, Saskatchewan (the oldest standing elevator in Canada) and The Climb Thru Time Museum (Alberta Pool) elevator from Paradise Valley, Alberta

Finally: Victoria Grain Company, Cargill, Saskatchewan Pool (Colors based on Fusilier) and Home Grain elevator from the Ukrainian Village east of Elk Island Park, Alberta



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chin Alberta Paper Elevators

 South Side

West Side

North Side

East Side

These two elevators were torn down in January 2008, and when I discovered this, I decided to make up these two elevators as a memorial. 

The red one is a Parrish and Heimbecker elevator, which was originally an Alberta Pacific, and was also owned by the Nicholas Bawlf Company, and Ellison. The grey elevator is an Ellison elevator, and was as far as I know the last standing one in Alberta.

Sadly, no more.

However, I am sending these two elevators to the Taber Museum, and hopefully you might be able to see them there!