Friday, June 16, 2006

Royal Park, Alberta

Royal Park is located west of Vegreville on the CN main line from Edmonton to Lloydminister.

This elevator was originally built as a Federal in 1917, and was moved by Barney Welsh to his farm located SW of Vegreville, which is located at Twp Rd 52-0, Just west of Rge Rd. 15-4.

Mr. Welsh was kind enough to show me the inside of the elevator.

Here is a shot looking inside where the weigh scale is located.

This is the leg and wheel which controled the distribution spout at the top of the elevator.

The weigh scale itself. Mr. Welsh told me he still uses the elevator, and just loaded his pickup truck earlier that day with oats for his steers.

Mr. Welsh told me that he had found the signature of a man named Olaf Borge, who helped build the elevator on August 23, 1917. You can barely see his original signature, and you can also see some of the Canadian Wheat Board Permit books from 1948-1949, which showed the elevator was originally from Royal Park.

This picture shows the cover of a magzine which shows the original paint scheme of the elevator and what it looked like several years ago before it was repainted a few years ago.