Monday, August 31, 2009

Late August update


Well... it will be a week tomorrow of my quick trip to North Battleford, where I found 4 new elevators, including two that no one had the co-ordinates for... one from Tako, Sk... which is located south of Unity on Highway 21, and two farm elevators near Revenue and Luseland.

Also, I had an interview with the Western Producer newspaper out of Saskatoon after I sent them a press release on the Sask website, and so far have received phone calls from Vancouver BC, Churchbridge, Oxbow, Val Marie, Stony Beach and a couple others from people who read the article and who are willing to help out with info they have on their elevators.

Pays to advertise and put out press releases.

I am also planning on heading to Val Marie on October 2nd, to attend a fund raiser they are having there to raise money to help save their two elevators there, and to watch them release ferrets into the Grassland National Park, which is south of the community. Also, they will be having tours of the elevators by a fellow who was an elevator operator in Orkney... so I should be able to get some info on some of the Sask elevators in the area as well.

I am also planning on photographing vators on the way down there as well, including the Pioneer at White Bear!

Hopefully should be a good trip!