Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well... after more than a week after running around Saskatchewan, literally criss-crossing the province chasing grain elevators, churches and other neat stuff... and after travelling 4700+ km in 9 days... which is the furthest and longest distance I've driven.... EVER... all we have left to do now is get the northeastern section from Birch Hills to Choiceland to Hudson Bay and Sylvania, we should be finished... although there are still one or two near Moose Jaw and Regina to find. Plus, I'm going to the Sukanen Museum south of Moose Jaw in September for the 100th anniversary of the Mawer Warner / Victoria / McCabe grain elevator. Should be fun!

I'm also hoping to get a draft version of the Eastern Saskatchewan book done in time for the 100th anniversary as well... so wish me luck!