Friday, May 30, 2008

Cardstock Elevators From Drumheller Region Pt 1

These are card stock version of the grain elevators which used to grace the sky of the Drumheller Region.

These elevators are from Beynon, which is on the CNR line, about 12 miles or so from Drumheller. The UGG (left) and Alberta Wheat Pool (right) were seen in the 1978 movie "Superman". The Alberta Wheat Pool was torn down, but the UGG elevator and the tall annex were moved out of the valley to new locations north of Beynon.

Alberta Wheat Pool with twin annexes, Alberta Wheat Pool with twin elevator and annex, and UGG with Annex were all located in Drumheller. The last elevator (the UGG) was torn down in 2001. 

If you travel west of Drumheller, and turned south down a back road east of the Bleriot Ferry turnoff, you would have come by these two elevators, which were located at Dunphy. The Parrish & Heimbecker and Alberta Wheat Pool were torn down years ago, and all that is pretty much left of the community is the little cemetery. These elevators were on the CPR line from Drumheller to Acme.

Adjacent to the Atlas Coal Mine Tipple in East Coulee (about 10 miles SE of Drumheller on Highway 10) was an Alberta Pacific elevator, with two annexes. This elevator was torn down in the early 1980's, and was located to the NE of the mine tipple. 

The Alberta Pacific elevator at Dorothy is still standing today, and is located about 8 miles SE of East Coulee.

Kirkpatrick was located on the CPR line which used to run west of Drumheller to Acme. This elevator, without the annexes is still standing, and is located on the south dinosaur trail.