Friday, May 30, 2008

Cardstock Elevators From Drumheller Region Pt 2

Taylor Siding had an interesting history. Before the elevator was built, a farmer originally had a long pipe which went from the top of the valley to the bottom where the grain was collected to be loaded onto rail cars by a loading platform. Later, Alberta Pacific built this lone elevator. The siding is still there today, and can be found by going south of Drumheller on Highway 9, and turning south on the Dalum road. This elevator was on the CNR line. 

This elevator is still located at Rosedale, about 6 miles east of Drumheller on the CNR line.

These two elevators were located at Wayne, which can be reached by going S of Rosedale on Highway 10X. These two elevators, plus part of Wayne were destroyed in a terrible fire in 1980.