Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Elevator for parents 49th Anniversary

My parents, Roger and Mary Pearson will be having their 49th wedding anniversary on June 13, 2008, and I came up with this idea for a gift when I was coming back from Hanna, Alberta yesterday. I was looking for photos of some of the local elevators that our museum wants me to make for them for a display, and this idea crept in and exploded in my mind.

So, after working on the Mossleigh elevators, and talking to an old friend on line... I cam up with this!

Roger and Mary 49 Years (1959-2008)

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Jim!
My parents have been playing music for years, and used to play for dances all over eastern Alberta, from Calthorpe (east of Consort on the Saskatchewan border) to as far south as Gem (NW of Brooks). Dad plays the fiddle, and mom plays the piano.

This is from the classic Flintstones episode where Fred got Wilma a piano for their anniversary, only to later find out that the piano was stolen! Whoops! But it was always the song and that moment where Fred, Barney and the cops were signing "Happy Anniversary" that always made me laugh!

Will post what they thought about it!