Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Snowflake Manitoba and Raley, Alberta

The elevators on this page are from Snowflake, Manitoba, which is located very close to the US border in Manitoba, and has one of the most unusual Federal elevators I have ever seen photos of. This elevator was painted over several times, and was finally a Manitoba Pool "B" elevator. I decided to go with what I presume was the original pain tjob and leave it at that.

The other is the Alberta Pacific at Raley, Alberta, which is SW of Raymond on Highway 5 going to Cardston. This is the oldest standing original company grain elevator in Alberta, having been built in 1905. It's present status is uncertain, since some people say it is abandoned while others say it is privately owned. From the looks of it from pictures I have seen, I'd say it has not beet used in many years!