Monday, July 17, 2006

The Nicholas Bawlf Elevator Co.

The Bawlf or N. Bawlf elevator company was formed by Nicholas Bawlf and his son William in 1909. Mr. Bawlf was a Winnipeg Grain Merchant, and was a founding member of the Winnipeg Grain and Produce Exchange. By 1918, Bawlf had more than 100 grain elevators.
The company was taken over by Federal Grain in 1940-1941.
(Thanks to Saskatchewan Grain Elevators An Inventory-Based Research Project Prepared For: Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation By: Maureen Pedersen September 2000)

This elevator, the only one that I have found in Alberta, is located on the Vandervalk Farm, about 10 km. north of Fort Macleod on Secondary 811 (just north of Township Road 10-0) and was moved in 1973. It was originally located in Woodhouse, a hamlet about 8 kilometers north west of Granum. You can clearly see "Bawlf" on the second picture of the elevator, and "Federal" on the other.

These are the original concrete foundations of two of the elevators in Woodhouse, which is just north of Township Road 11-4 on Highway 2, north of Granum