Monday, July 24, 2006

The Security Elevator Co.

The Security Grain Co. Ltd. was set up in 1908 by the American-based Peavy Company. By 1920, the company had 70 elevators.

In 1921, Security took over the Atlas Elevator Co. Ltd.'s 58 elevators, and combined with the Northern Elevator Co. in 1929.

Northern merged with British America, National and Grand Trunk Pacific Elevator companies to form the National Grain Co. Ltd. in 1940.

Finally, National was taken over by Cargill in 1974.
(Thanks to Saskatchewan Grain Elevators - An Inventory-Based Research Project, by Maureen Pedersen, September 2000).

This is the only known Security elevator left in Alberta, and is presently located at Heritage Park, in Calgary, Alberta.

It was originally located at Shonts, Alberta (about 4 miles SE of Tofield on Highway 14). The elevator was moved to Calgary in 1966, and was opened in 1968.

This elevator also has a grain wagon loading - unloading platform which uses a see-saw mechanism to raise the front of the wagon up, so grain can be dumped into the receiving pit below.