Friday, July 07, 2006

And now... I'd Like To Thank....

I'd like to thank the following people who helped me on this south trip of the Vanishing Sentinels Project:

Holly from The Raymond Museum, who helped out immensly with research on the elevators in Raymond

Ben Walters From Magrath, who had tons of info on the elevators in Magrath and the old Sugar Plant / P&H elevator in Raymond

The staff of the Highwood Museum in High River, who helped me immensely on the history of the High River elevators.

The staff at Agricore United in Lethbridge.

The Taber & District Museum Society, espically for the info on the Fincastle and Taber elevators.

The Magrath Museum

The Eizikom Museum, who helped me get into contact with Clayton Pearson and Edwin Kvale.

The Barons Historical Society

Burdett Cargill

And all of the other people I talked to on the phone today! You're help is greatly appreciated