Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Alberta Wheat Pool Part 2

By 1972, Alberta Wheat Pool had bought out Federal Grain (which had taken over Searle and Alberta Pacific in 1968). They added these elevators to their own, and became the largest grain handler in Alberta.

There are only 31 modern paint job (Green) Alberta Wheat Pool elevators in Alberta. 13 are privately owned, 7 are owned by independent companies, 4 are abandoned, and 7 are museums.

Acadia Valley, Alberta

Acadia Valley is located 30 kilometres south of Oyen on Highway 41. This elevator was located on the terminus of the CN line which came into Alberta from Alsask, Saskatchewan. There was an siding which ran to the NW of Acadia Valley to a town-site called Sunnydale, but the tracks were never laid. This elevator was built by AWP in 1948, and after closing, it was converted into a museum/tea house in 1991.

Andrew, Alberta

Located about 35 kilometres north of Mundare, on the Edmonton - Lloydminister CP line, this elevator was built in 1929, and was closed in 1999. The elevator is now a museum.

Barrhead, Alberta

Barrhead is 35 kilometres west of Westlock, and is the terminus of the old Pembina Valley (later Northern Alberta Railways, later CN) railroad. The two Agricore elevators are now privately owned.

Borradaile, Alberta

The remains of this elevator are located on a private farm about 4 miles east of Vermillion on Highway 16.

Brant, Alberta

Brant is located 18 km west and 12 kilometres north of Vulcan. It is located on the CP main line which runs from Aldersyde to Kipp. This elevator was originally a Home Grain elevator, but changed owners to Searle, Federal and finally Alberta Wheat Pool, before being sold to B & J Farms.

Claysmore, Alberta

Originally located 6 miles east of Mannville on the CN main line from Edmonton to Lloydminister, this elevator was moved to a private farm directly south of Vermillion on Highway 41.

Craddock, Alberta

Craddock is found on Highway 4 about 6 kilometres south-west of Stirling on the CP main line from Lethbridge to Coutts. This elevator was used for fertilizer storage.

Edgerton, Alberta

Located 24 kilometres east of Wainwright on Highway 14, and south 10 km on secondary 894 on the CN (originally Grand Trunk Pacific) line, this fertilizer elevator is all that is left of 5 elevators.

Herronton, Alberta

Herronton is located 7 kilometres west of Mossleigh on Highway 24 and Secondary 547, and 10 kilometres south on Range Road 25-5. It is the last of 5 elevators, and is located on the CP line which runs from Eltham Junction to Mossleigh.

Hobbema, Alberta

Originally located 17 kilometres NE of Ponoka on Highway 2A and the CP main line from Calgary to Edmonton, this elevator was moved to the Alberta Central Railroad Museum SE of Wetaskwin. It is located on Range Road 23-3 and 1 km south of Township Road 45-4.

Innisfree, Alberta

Innisfree is on the CN Main line from Edmonton To Lloydminister, and is 26 kilometres west of Mannville on Highway 16. This and a seed cleaning planet are the only two elevators left in the town. It is now privately owned.

Kirriemuir, Alberta.

Kirriemuir is located about 40 kilometres east of Consort on Highway 12, and used to be on the CP line which ran from Stettler to Compeer. This elevator was built in 1928, and closed between 1996 -1997. It is now privately owned.

Leduc, Alberta

Leduc is about 20 km south of Edmonton on the CP main line running from Edmonton to Calgary. This elevator and it's fertilizer elevator are being converted into an elevator museum.

Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Mayerthorpe is located on Highway 43 and Highway 22. This elevator is located on the CN line which runs from west of Whitecourt to Edmonton, and was built in 1929, and closed in 2000. It has been classified as an historical site in 2005.

Milo, Alberta

Milo is located 20 kilometres north of Vulcan on Highway 23, and 26 kilometres east on Secondary 542. The two elevators are now owned by Agricore Crop Production.

Pincher Station, Alberta

Pincher Station is located north of Pincher Creek on Highway 3, about 14 km SW of Brocket, on the CP Crownest Line, which runs from Lethbridge to Cranbrook, BC. It is the old fertilizer elevator, and is now privately owned.

Rosebud, Alberta

Rosebud is on the main CN line, running from Calgary to Alsask, Sask, and is located 23 kilometres SW of Drumheller on Highway 9, and 10 kilometres south on Secondary 840. This elevator closed in 2000, and is now privately owned.

Rosedale, Alberta

This elevator is on the same track as the one in Rosebud, but is located about 9 kilometres SE of Drumheller. It was built in 1982, closed in 2002, and is now privately owned.

Rycroft, Alberta

Located in the Peace River country of NW Alberta, Rycoft is 62 kilometres north of Grand Prairie at the intersection of Highways 2 and 49. Rycroft was originally serviced by the Northern Alberta Railways, CN, Alberta Railnet, and now by Savage Alberta Railway. The AWP elevator is now owned by the Peace River Seed Co-op.

Sexsmith, Alberta

Sexsmith is located about 48 kilometres south of Rycroft on Highway 2, on the Savage Alberta rail line (formerly NAR, CN and Alberta Railnet). This elevator, along with two more, are all abandoned, and are all that remain of the original 8 elevators.

Spruce Grove, Alberta

Spruce Grove is located on the CN main line running from Edmonton To the BC border. Located about 17 kilometres west of Edmonton on Highway 16, this elevator, originally built in 1929 as a Searle, was closed between 1992-1995, and is now being saved as a possible museum.

Stettler, Alberta

Stettler is located on Highway 12 and 56, 100 kilometres north of Drumheller. This elevator is situated on the CP line which runs from Lacombe east to Botha on the north side of the town. It was originally built by Alberta Pacific in 1957, sold to Federal and Alberta Wheat Pool, and UGG in 1996. It was sold to Sunalta Grain in 2000 and is still used by Sunalta.

Westlock, Alberta

Westlock is located about 60 kilometres north of Spruce Grove, and is on the CN line running from Edmonton to Smith. The two Alberta Wheat Pool elevators are owned by Westlock Terminals.

Woodgrove, Alberta

Woodgrove is located on Highway 28 about 3 miles east and 5 miles north of Redwater. This is now privately owned by Muffitt Farms.

Wrentham, Alberta

Wrentham is located 32 kilometres south of Taber on Highway 36, and 2 kilometres east on Highway 61. These two elevators are the only left.