Monday, January 30, 2006

Bulwark, Alberta

Bulwark was located on a CP rail line which ran NW of Coronation to town called Birkenshaw, located SE of Alliance. The line was planned to go as far as Sedgewick, but it never was completed, as the tracks had serious erosion problems along the Battle River. The elevators (National, Alberta Wheat Pool, UGG, Pioneer and one other) were closed in the 1960's but two were saved and moved.

This is what is left at Bulwark, the two seat outhouse, and what looks like the elevator office. The trackbed, which is located to the right of the office is now barely visible, as it has been plowed under over the years.

This elevator is located to the SW of the original site, and is now being used as a seed cleaning plant.

The Pioneer elevator was moved to a farm 4 miles south, and is owned by Lunalta Limousin. You can still see the Pioneer Grain Co. Limited in the lower picture on the elevator.