Monday, January 30, 2006

Saskatchewan Pictures

On Sunday, Jan. 29, 2006... I did my first ever excursion into the undiscovered province, Saskatchewan. Here are some of the pictures I took.

After checking out a rumor I had heard that the UGG elevator at Altario (located about 45 minutes east of Consort on the ex- CP line) had been torn down, but it is still standing, I decided to continue on, and came across Fussilier, about 15 minutes east of the Alberta/Sask border. There is not much of anything left there now, but appears the townsite is being used as a gravel and equipment storage area. This was the first real Saskatchewan Pool elevator I have ever seen, and was saddened to see this abandoned elevator in it's present state.

Next, I headed south to Hoosier, which was next to the old CN line which ran from Scapa, Alberta to Biggar, Sask. However, with no elevator there.. I continued south to Highway 7, and found the Meridian Grain elevator in Marengo, which is on the CN main line.

Heading east, I came across to Flaxcombe... a ex-Sask Pool elevator, which is now privately owned.

Finally, I went east to Kindersley, and found these two elevators:

A Sask Pool HTP elevator located on the CN main line just south of town...

and finally... a Pioneer HTP, located just west of town.

There was a lot of fog in the area when I took these pics... so that explains why they look a bit on the misty side