Sunday, January 22, 2006


Cargill entered into grain elevators in 1974 when the company purchased National Grain.

Cargill had approx. 29 known elevators in Alberta, has 9 presently standing in 2006 (1 HTP, 2 operated by Cargill, 2 abandoned, and 4 owned by private companies)


Barnwell is located west of Taber in southern Alberta, and this elevator is now privately owned.


Chancellor is on an abandoned stretch of CP track that used to run from Bassano to Irricana Alberta, but now runs from Standard to Bassano. The elevator was closed in 1999, and has been abandoned.


Ervick is located on the CP line west of Camrose, and the two elevators are owned by Cargill Feeds


Fahler's Cargill is located east of the town on the McKenzie and Northern Railway (formerly Northern Alberta Railways and Canadian National Railways). As far as I know, it is privately owned.


Marwayne is located on the CP line NE of Lloydminister, Alberta. as of 2005, these two Cargils are now privately owned.


Rycroft is on the Savage Alberta Railway, which was ealier owned by the Northern Alberta Railways (NAR) and CN. This elevator is now owned by the Peace River Seed Co-op, and was originally closed in 2000.


Sexsmith is located between Grand Prairie and Rycroff on the Savage Alberta Railway, and this elevator is presently abandoned.